Friday, October 28, 2011

Save Your Amazing Ideas With Basket

Basket allows you to organize and take notes through a clean, accessible interface. This program is a must-have for any Ubuntu user in college, and definitely beats shoving all of your notes into a text editor or word processor.

It allows you to just click and type text. Further, you can paste links, images, files, addresses, and colors, which is useful for people in web or application development. Organization follows a hierarchy status, using baskets sorted by topic or project. All ideas support tagging, making it really easy to come back to where you were before and reconstruct previous notes. It allows password protection, and notes are automatically saved as you type them, so a power outage at the university will only bring glee at getting out of class early. This application is meant for KDE, so you may have to install some dependencies if you are a GNOME user. Install by searching for "basket" in Synaptic, by clicking this link, or by typing "sudo apt get install basket" in the Terminal.

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